Best Budget Soundbars on the Market (2022)

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Best Budget Soundbars For The Money (2022 Reviews)

Here Are The Best Budget Soundbars on The Market in 2022

PHEANOO 21 Compact Sound Bars for TV

Updated October 4, 2022

This article was updated to ensure the best and most accurate results.

When you keep to your spending plan, one of two things can happen: either you receive a product that is worth your money or you are taken advantage of. You obviously want the former, which is why we’ve provided a selection of excellent budget soundbars below. You can anticipate high quality at a reasonable and inexpensive price because these are some of the top goods we’ve evaluated that are a good value.

Soundbars have the following benefits over more traditional home theater speaker systems: They usually have lower prices, use less space, and require less effort to assemble. Whether you want a soundbar that supports Dolby Atmos or something you can plug your old MP3 player into, there is a model out there for everyone. Not all soundbars are made equal, even though some provide a better listening experience than others. If you watch a lot of TV or listen to music at home, you’ll want something that sounds great and is compatible with your existing devices, whether you want to connect it to your smart TV or prefer streaming directly from your smartphone. The dialogue from your favorite programs is faithfully reproduced by the best soundbars for TV.

After testing more than 150 of them, the best soundbars are listed below. See our selections for the best quality tv soundbars, best soundbars for $100, and best Dolby Atmos soundbars.

150 Tested Soundbars

500+ Hours of Research

Thousands of Reviews Read

Unbiased Reviews

Reviews of the Best Budget Soundbars in 2022

#1 Best Budget Soundbar

Majority Teton Sound Bar

Majority Teton 32 Inch 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar

What We Like

  • Slim soundbar
  • Built-in subwoofer
  • Many connections
  • Small soundbar
  • Wall-mountable design
  • Comes with a remote
  • Has control buttons on the side

  • Bluetooth wireless streaming

    What We Don’t Like

    • Not compatible with Samsung Smart TV
    • No auto-on

    The Majority Teton sound bar is the ideal size for most TVs at 32 inches. The soundbar can be mounted on the wall to save room, or you can choose to place it below your TV screen.

    By offering HDMI ARC, RCA, Optical, 3.5 mm, and Bluetooth connection options, the manufacturer ensures that the soundbar is compatible with the majority of devices.

    The Majority Teton Sound Bar can still enhance the deep tones despite its inconspicuous profile, so don’t worry about the bass. For high-definition audio relaying, the subwoofer is integrated into the soundbar.


    PHEANOO 21 Compact Sound Bars for TV

    Pheanoo Sound Bar with Subwoofer

    What We Like

    • Almost no harmonic distortion
    • Has an external subwoofer
    • Multiple connections
    • Sound modes
    • Various setup options
    • Smart remote
    • Crystal clear sound

        What We Don’t Like

        • Not very specific manual
        • Voice enhancement is best at lower volumes

        A separate subwoofer is included with the Pheanoo sound bar. With this setup, you gain a lot for your money because the external subwoofer is much stronger than the built-in choices. Harmonic distortion throughout the entire system is less than 1%, resulting in high-definition audio.

        Additionally, this device has various connectors and a smart, user-friendly remote. The gadget’s several sound modes can change the way you listen to music, watch movies, and play video games.

        Pheanoo offers the necessary accessories and allows you to mount the soundbar securely on the wall.


        Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra Slim TV Sound Bar

        Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Soundbar (Subwoofer Included)

        What We Like

        • Solid external subwoofer
        • Excellent Dolby Digital decoding for good sound
        • Reduced system delays

          Variety of input and output (optical, aux, HDMI)

        • Affordable

        • Offers an HDMI input

        • Slim and small profile

        • Simple to set up

            What We Don’t Like

            • No Display Panel

              The Polk Audio Signa S2 is one of the best budget speakers in our list and reviews if you have a bigger room and want something with deeper bass. It is a budget-friendly TV soundbar with a separate wireless subwoofer, which makes the low frequencies stand out.

              This soundbar has Polk’s voice adjust technology, Dolby Digital decoding, and other features that can produce crisper sound and shorten delays. This device performed on par with some of the top mid range items available on the market when we evaluated it in our listening room.

              There are plenty of connectors accessible for the setup. Additionally, AUX, optical, and HDMI inputs are supported. You only need to connect the soundbar to your TV through HDMI to get started.


              BYL BESTISAN Soundbar for TV

              BYL Bestisan Soundbar Wired and Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker for TV

              What We Like

              • Best soundbar for good sound even without Dolby Atmos
              • Eliminates unsightly wires
              • Slim profile that can be wall-mounted
              • Solid DSP tech
              • Powerful loudspeakers for movies and music
              • Links to your TV via Bluetooth support
              • 2 bass reflex ports

                  What We Don’t Like

                  • Doesn’t have a wall mount 

                    The BYL Bestisan is the last soundbar on our list. It’s a really straightforward soundbar without any frills, but it’s an excellent improvement over your standard TV speakers.

                    This soundbar’s DSP technology makes the dialogue incredibly clear. You can omit the captions if you enjoy watching movies or TV shows since the voices stand out so much.

                    The remote control scored marks in our book for being exceptionally sensitive and user-friendly during our evaluations. So that you don’t have to get up to use the side panel buttons for control, it makes the setup incredibly simple to operate.

                    Overall, for those looking for a simple upgrade, this is among the best soundbars in our assessment.


                    TCL Alto 6+ 21 Channel Roku TV

                    TCL Alto 6+2.1 Channel Home Theater Soundbar

                    What We Like

                    • Wireless subwoofer for a solid sound quality
                    • Full sounds and deeper bass
                    • Supports multiple connections to your TV
                    • Excellent tweeters to balance the bass
                    • Slim profile for easy placement
                    • Optical and HDMI ARC support

                      What We Don’t Like

                      • The remote isn’t easy to use 

                      This is one of the top inexpensive soundbars from TCL among its versions. To provide you with a satisfyingly powerful and rumbling bass, it is outfitted with two channels and one wireless sub. Although it has a simple appearance, this soundbar is quite high-tech.

                      TCL provides you the option to select from three modes (music, movies, and news) to ensure that the sound quality is appropriate for the content. Additionally, the tweeters help balance the bass.

                      Our evaluation found that the setup was simple and that there were several ways to connect the soundbar to your TV, including IR pass-through, HDMI ARC, optical digital, and AUX inputs.

                      Overall, the performance and quality of this TCL 2.1 channel soundbar are fantastic.

                      #1 Best Budget Soundbar

                      sonos arc

                      Majority Teton 32 Inch 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar

                      What We Like

                      • Slim soundbar
                      • Built-in subwoofer
                      • Many connections
                      • Small soundbar
                      • Wall-mountable design
                      • Comes with a remote
                      • Has control buttons on the side
                      • Bluetooth wireless streaming

                        Our audio lab experts have chosen the Majority Teton Sound Bar as the best budget option. It’s a congregation of everything you would need in a soundbar including built-in subwoofers, Bluetooth streaming, and more. You can choose to set up this device in multiple ways including wall-mounting to save some space.



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