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Best 6×9 Speakers on the Market (2022)

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

What is the Best 6×9 Speaker in 2022? — Unlock Amazing Sound and Bass

Here Are The Best 6×9 Speakers on The Market in 2022

Photo by Avel Chuklanov

Updated October 8, 2022

This article was updated to ensure the best and most accurate results.

Although 6×9 speakers don’t look like the typical spherical ones you’re used to, they are the best available for producing mid-range sound. If you choose the wrong ones, this won’t be the case, just like with all other things. Your car audio system’s bass may even suffer as a result. The finest 6×9 speakers for sound quality have been reviewed by our audio professionals in their spare time.

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Reviews of the Best 6×9 Speakers in 2022

#1 Best Budget Soundbar

Pioneer TS-A6990F

Pioneer TS-A6990F

What We Like

  • Works with the CarSoundFit app
  • Excellent construction for high-quality sound
  • Open & Smooth Pioneer speakers
  • Oversized motor structure
  • 700 watts peak power
  • 4-ohm impedance
  • Excellent speakers for bass without a sub
  • Crystal clear sound

    What We Don’t Like

    • The continuous power is not very high
    • May not fit all cars

    The Pioneer TS-A6990F is a 5-way speaker with a carbon and mica-reinforced injection-molded polypropylene cone woofer, a midrange polyetherimide film cone, and three polyethylene terephthalate hard dome tweeters. The fundamentals of dynamic sound may appear to a novice to be technical jargon.

    Maximum excursion and bass performance are made possible by the cone construction and the large motor structure. With the company’s CarSoundFit software, the 6×9 speakers are functional. In reality, it’s a car simulator that gives you a sense of how much better the TS-A6990F can sound than your factory speakers.


    Kicker 43DSC69304 D-Series

    Kicker 43DSC69304 D Series

    What We Like

    • 4-speaker bundle
    • No distortion at any volume
    • Good quality sound
    • Will elevate your car audio system
    • Minimal tweeter protrusion
    • Sturdy construction

        What We Don’t Like

        • Not as powerful as some other speakers
        • Not the best deal for those who need only one pair

        Two 3-way 6×9 speakers and two coaxial speakers make up the 4-speaker Kicker 43DSC69304 package. Both sets are extremely small and stylish, and they have a reasonably low mounting profile that makes installation simpler.

        The tweeters are made to be protrusion-free so that they may give the best high notes without being impeded by grilles. The mid-range woofers of the 6×9 pair have acoustic foam surrounds and polypropylene cones for the finest performance.

        Kicker has what you need if you’re looking for coaxial speakers or component speakers for your system in addition to the 6×9.


        CERWIN Vega XED693

        CERWIN VEGA XED693

        What We Like

        • Very sensitive speakers
        • Excellent overall sound quality
        • Dynamic frequency response range
        • Metal dome tweeters
        • 350-watt max power
        • Very affordable price

            What We Don’t Like

            • May not be as crisp as very expensive high-end models
            • Needs an amp for better bass

              The Cerwin Vega XED693 epitomizes the greatest 6×9 speaker pair you can purchase for an extremely low cost. Metal dome tweeters and an add-on kit make up its construction. 350 watts maximum power handling for the XED693 is not bad for the compact car interior.

              These speakers have a 94dB rating, which is far higher than what our staff advises for clear and crisp sound but is still quite sensitive. These extremely sensitive speakers have a frequency response of 50Hz to 18kHz. You can rely on the XED693 to deliver premium audio to a huge soundstage.


              Kenwood KFC-6966S

              Kenwood KFC-6966S

              What We Like

              • Enlarged magnet circuit
              • Sound Field Enhancer
              • Very low mounting depth
              • Polypropylene woofer cone
              • Decent bass and exceptional mids and highs
              • Almost no distortion at high volumes

                  What We Don’t Like

                  • The bass is weaker than the mids
                  • Low RMS rating

                    The 3-way Kenwood KFC-6x966S speakers have greater sound quality than many other more costly speakers. They have a polypropylene cone for long-lasting performance and a 400-watt peak power handling.

                    Your car’s sound system’s coaxial speakers deliver the best mid range output. For full-range sound, the mid and high frequencies will be accurately delivered by the midbass and super tweeter.

                    Additionally, your factory head unit will be upgraded for the highest sound quality with the magnetic circuit built into each coaxial speaker and the sound field enhancer.


                    JBL Stage 9603H

                    JBL Stage 9603H

                    What We Like

                    • 3-way coaxial car speakers
                    • Wide frequency range
                    • Great audio quality
                    • Made with high-quality materials
                    • 92dB sensitivity
                    • High-quality bass

                      What We Don’t Like

                      • Low RMS rating for some
                      • No mounting hardware

                      The JBL Stage 9603H speaker set is an additional option for loud music and low bass notes. Where your stock head unit and speakers fell short, these will step in and succeed. Each speaker can handle up to 300 watts of peak power and can output roughly 70 watts RMS. The frequency response, which is acceptable for 6×9 units at 45Hz to 20kHz, is well-liked by our crew.

                      Our audio staff always advises sensitivity levels of 90 or higher, and the 9603H sits comfortably at 92dB. This rating is superior to many stock speakers. The 3-way coaxial car audio speakers deliver a well-balanced sound that can fill your car’s interior overall.

                      #1 Best 6×9 Speaker

                      Pioneer TS-A6990F

                      Pioneer TS-A6990F

                      What We Like

                      • Works with the CarSoundFit app
                      • Excellent construction for high-quality sound
                      • Open & Smooth Pioneer speakers
                      • Oversized motor structure
                      • 700 watts peak power
                      • 4-ohm impedance
                      • Excellent speakers for bass without a sub
                      • Crystal clear sound

                        The Pioneer TS-A6990F is regarded as the industry’s top 6×9 speaker by our audio experts. The two speakers work together to provide a combined 700 peak watts of power and are made to last. They use the Car SoundFit app to hear the sound before installation and use the brand’s Open & Smooth sound approach.

                        CERWIN Vega XED693

                        6×9 Speakers Buying Guide

                        There are numerous things to pick from in the sizable automotive audio market to enhance your vehicle’s audio. Finding the best speaker can be challenging, and our audio professionals understand how difficult it can be. For this reason, our staff has put together a concise advice on things to consider while looking for the top 6×9 speakers.

                        Photo by Albany Capture

                        Power Rating

                        Simply told, the handling or power rating has a direct bearing on how loud your 6×9 speakers will be. There are two power ratings: peak and RMS watts. While the RMS represents constant power, the peak reveals how loud the 6×9 speakers can play over brief periods of time. Because the peak rating will always be greater than the RMS wattage, brands and manufacturers frequently promote the peak rating first.

                        The RMS, according to our sound professionals, should be taken into account when playing music in your car. This is the maximum volume that your 6×9 automobile speakers can play at without permanently harming them.

                        Photo by Samuele Errico Piccarini

                        Tweeter and Woofer

                        Typically, 6×9 speakers are 3 or 4-way, though occasionally they are 5-way. There is a specific driver for each part of the sound spectrum in 3-way speakers. A woofer will play the bass notes, a mid-range driver the mids, and a tweeter the highs. A fourth super tweeter for the upper frequency range gives 4-way automobile speakers what 3-way speakers have.

                        The additional super tweeter found in the 5-way speakers will help the automobile 6×9 speaker complete the audio spectrum.

                        Photo by Mark Chan

                        Sound Quality and Bass

                        Numerous elements, including as the power rating, the inner components, and the materials, affect the sound quality and bass. One more item is brand-specific technology or cutting-edge technology that can advance the automobile speakers.

                        Bear in mind that floor-standing speakers made for home theater surround sound are not the same as 6×9 speakers. This means that in order to achieve the bass you want, you can benefit from using an additional amp.

                        EVC Technology is one instance of cutting-edge technology that can help improve the sound.

                        (If you’re looking for the best soundbars in 2022, you can also see here which ones are the best)

                        Frequency Response

                        The lower frequencies are more significant for subwoofers, whereas the higher frequencies are more significant for tweeters. Since the majority of 6×9 automobile speakers are full-range, you need the speakers to be able to produce as broad of a spectrum as they can.

                        The speakers should cooperate with your head unit to produce the deepest lows and the loudest highs. The 20Hz to 20kHz range is the human hearing range. The tones within this range must at least be audible on your speaker system. Component speakers will, however, be more successful.

                        The ideal frequency response is between 30 and 50 Hz and 20 kHz. For a 20 Hz frequency response, it will be quite challenging without a specialized subwoofer.

                        Check out our post of the best subwoofers on the market in 2022. 


                        Your car’s speakers’ sensitivity rating has an impact on how loud it is as well. The greater the number, the better and more sensitive the speakers are to the power input. Sensitivity is measured in dB, or decibels. They will therefore speak more loudly.

                        Our audio engineers recommend a dB rating of 90 or above at all times. Fortunately, many of the speakers on our list achieve and even surpass this standard. If you locate speakers in this range that you like, they will still be able to perform adequately because average level speakers have a rating of roughly 88 dB.


                        Your speakers’ effectiveness greatly depends on their impedance. The electrical resistance of the speakers, known as their impedance, affects how much power they require from the amplifier. Your speakers are more “efficient” in letting signals through when the impedance is lower.

                        The most frequent impedance values are 2, 4, 6, and 8 ohms; the lower the number, the lower the impedance.


                        The compatibility with the car type and installation procedure is one of the major challenges our sound team encounters while testing goods. Compatibility with your automobile model should be your first priority. Unlike conventional round speakers, 6×9 speakers feature a distinctive design that makes them more elliptical in shape.

                        To make sure installation won’t be too time-consuming or challenging, you need to check at your existing holes. There is a possibility that you will require professional assistance, which is costly. Our experts advise shopping around and comparing prices to guard against being a victim of price gouging.

                        Additionally, you need to confirm that the speakers work with your head unit. The major element that distributes the sound waves to the other components is the head unit. There’s a chance you won’t need to replace anything; all you’ll need is a new head unit compatible with your 6x9s. However, that will cost extra, so it’s best to arrange your speakers around the head unit if you’re on a tight budget.

                        The top mount depth and whether or not the system includes mounting brackets are further considerations. The top mount depth should enable the speakers to mount flush in order to remain out of the way.

                        A 6×9 unit requires more work to install than a typical round speaker. We advise using professional services if you are inexperienced with speaker installation to prevent a disaster. Be sure you have all the necessary tools if you can do it yourself.

                        The factory speakers in your automobile must first be removed before the new 6x9s can be installed in their place. The most important factor is connection compatibility, even though it can require some modifications and adaptations.

                        JBL Stage 9603H



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